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Try Your Hand In Adventure!

Over the last five years, my older brother and I have been working diligently to develop our own take on the traditional player vs. player card game. Here is the premise:

The Lore of the Divine Relics

When the All Father, the Lord of Chaos, created the universe he intended to make a place where he could have fun and be distracted from being the only being in existence. Prone to violent mood swings he accidentally destroyed the Universe in a fit of rage. Several times he created, destroyed and re-created the universe and each time he eventually destroyed it, leaving himself lonely and bored.

He then created Tyr to help him hold the Universe together and prevent himself from destroying it again. The young deity fought with his father over several millennia until the lesser deity realized he was not strong enough to prevent the eventual destruction of the universe and with it himself. So, he begged his father to create more children to help him. The All Father obliged and created the Twins: Lliana to create life and Mordred to consume it.

Together the three gods were strong enough to hold the universe together and keep chaos from destroying existence. This pleased the Lord of Chaos greatly, and so he gave to his children gifts in the form of Relics. Items of great power that the deities could use to help keep the universe safe.

The lesser Deities eventually created beings of their own to rule over and worship them. The Great Lady created the Elves and Faery races to attend her and bask in her light. Jealous of his sister’s followers, Mordred the Dark Lord, created the Monsters and Undead races to torment and frighten Lliana’s creations. Eventually, the pleas for help from the Elves and Faeries to Lliana moved her and caused her to approach Tyr and ask for aid against Mordred. The God of Justice created the Dwarves and Centaurs to keep the peace and bring order to the Realm. He also created some of the lesser races like the Halflings. Each of the deities bestowed their relics to their beloved followers as tokens of their love and affection.

And so, for a time, the Universe was in balance and at peace.

The God of Chaos, though, had other plans. He was offended that his children gave away his gifts. He secretly created a new race for himself. The race of Humans. Unlike the other races, humans have short lifespans but are fierce and passionate. The Lord of Chaos did not bestow any Holy Relics upon his newly created race. Instead, he built into his new children an unquenchable desire to take the Relics from the other races. In this way he hoped his children would fear losing their gifts and would take back the Relics from the mortal races to protect them; but they did not.

And so, the game begins.

In Armiger, You defend a base called a Fortification with 3 Troops a Hero and 2 Relics from the other player. Combat is a single die roll and the Troops, Relics, Magic Items and Hero Cards all have special abilities that change the dice. Highest die wins so use your abilities wisely! The winner is the last player with a Relic.

Armiger is a card game where each player battles with a deck of 52 cards against other players and their decks.

The Starting Battle Kit Comes With: • 2 Game Card Decks of 72 Cards Each (2 Factions) • 25 Red Counter Tokens • 25 Blue Counter Tokens • 25 Gold Counter Tokens • 2 Dice • Rule Book

Each player will build a Battle Deck of 52 cards. Each Battle Deck must contain: • 25 Troops (including ONLY 2 Generals and 1 Unique) • 15 Magic Items • 10 Fortifications • 2 Relics

A Player must also choose a Hero Card to represent them in the Battle!

Players can mix and match factions, sets or expansion packs to create unique Battle Decks and defeat other players with their own personalized army!

We put a lot of love and time into this outstanding creation and hope you will love it as much as we do.

Grab your copy today from our friends over at "The Game Crafters"

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