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Where do you get your seeds?

A lot of people ask us where do we buy our seeds? do we harvest our own?

there's a lot to understand about harvesting seeds from your veggie. Obviously, if you have grown them yourself and let them go to seed, why not harvest them? Other great ways to keep you seed selection full at all times is to notice where your fruits and veggies come from when you're buying them from the store. When I see veggies I'm looking for tagged with a "grown in the USA" sticker, I will buy that one as the seeds will be viable, unlike fruits or veggies from other countries as they go through a process that renders their seed inert while coming to the USA.

Here is an article on the subject from the FDA:

The other place we mainly get our seeds from is from the MIGardener.

The MIGardener is not a sponsor of our business, though that would be awesome in the future, but rather a seed producer that has amazing quality, a supersizing amount of verity and all an unbelievable price!

Here is a link to his website:

For all his tips and tricks for home gardening, head over and check out his youtube channel as it has helped us out time and time again!

Here is a link to his youtube channel:

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